How It Works

  1. The team will arrive at the address provided by the client.
  2. The team will approach the residence and introduce themselves to the client.
  3. A new client form including a service waiver may be provided to the client to complete.
  4. The team will inquire as to where they are to set-up the equipment.
  5. The team will ask to be introduced to the furry client.
  6. The team will then proceed to unpack the vehicle and bring the grooming equipment to the designated area.
  7. The team will then review the new client form (if applicable) with the client, asking any follow-up questions about the information to ensure all concerns and preferences are understood.
  8. The team will discuss the type of grooming preferences such as grooming style, choice of shampoo and any health concerns for the pet.
  9. The team will proceed with grooming the pet, the owner(s) may stay with the team at all times or go about other tasks within the residence.
  10. The pet owner(s) may ask questions about the grooming at any point.
  11. When the grooming team is finished all grooming tasks, they will once more consult with the owner to ensure satisfaction with the job.
  12. The team will clean the designated area, removing the direct by-products of the grooming process.
  13. The team may ask the owner to review the completion of the clean-up to ensure satisfaction.
  14. The team will process payment for the services completed, a hard copy receipt for the debit/ credit system will be provided and a soft copy receipt can be emailed to the client for all payment types should an email address be provided. At the completion of payment processing the team will give the client the option of rebooking the next appointment.
  15. The team will repack the grooming equipment and remove it from the residence, placing it back in the mobile unit.
  16. The grooming appointment is now complete.

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